Its pretty cool when you see couples who does subtle matches in their dressing. It may be in the tops like t-shirts which literally match each other by way of visuals or wordings. It could also be in terms of accessories such as caps, rings or keychains.

We do have got other stylish ways for you to match your man.

Pick a pop of colour that your wardrobes both share, and from there, it's completely your individual fashion statements. Not too confident in the colour game? Simple. Choose neutral tones to start it off; it may be simple but it's easier to coordinate a whole outfit together. Besides, minimalistic fashion is always chic with the right accessories. 

For one of our Stylish customers, C Y Wong and Christine, they believe it's a special thing to be able to dress up with the one you love, and complementing each other with their own styles is something they both enjoy. Both are wearing Aussilia's range of shoes which so happens is in the same color yellow but with differing styles.

The huge benefits of buying shoes online