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Corporate legal gal turn business entrepreneur, Lisa Raden shares with us how she started her shoe brand Aussilia. She shares with us how she started her brand online and expanded Aussilia with the recent opening of her first retail outlet in Empire Damansara Perdana. How did you start the Aussilia brand? I want to make comfortable shoes for people to wear, so i decided to start Aussilia as an online store. It has been a year since the launch of my online store and this year, my secon..
Sandals: Comfortable and Simple Footwear with Long History
Sandals are acknowledged as being the first kind of shoes to greet the feet of a human being many centuries ago. While most people tend to think that sandals were worn first by the ancient Greeks, the truth is that the history of sandals dates back over 5, 000, 000 years ago at the time of Ice Age. This was an era when people wore animal skins which they complimented with the sandals. People during this age wore basic leather sandals. Our ancestors who lived during the Stone Age era used to s..
The huge benefits of buying shoes online
The online market is by far one of the best places to shop for shoes. The benefits are immense and beyond description. You just have to try it for yourself to be able to understand the joys of shopping using a mouse and computer. The online shopping experience has for starters saved shoppers what would have otherwise been agonizing trips between shops trying to find that perfect shoe that fits. This would limit a buyer to the shops that were within their scope or radius. They would theref..
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