Sandals are acknowledged as being the first kind of shoes to greet the feet of a human being many centuries ago. While most people tend to think that sandals were worn first by the ancient Greeks, the truth is that the history of sandals dates back over 5, 000, 000 years ago at the time of Ice Age. This was an era when people wore animal skins which they complimented with the sandals. People during this age wore basic leather sandals. Our ancestors who lived during the Stone Age era used to shield their feet from sharp thorns and rocks using these sandals.

During the period of Paleolithic, which dates back to about 15, 000 years ago, rock paints discovered by archaeologists depicted that people used to wear sandals during these times. Just as you would expect, the sandals mentioned here were made using basic leather. And they of course wore out pretty quickly. Years later another design of sandals known as the thong was introduced by Ancient Egyptians. This made things even more practical and the sandals were primarily made using papyrus, rawhide, wood and palm leaves. Soon after, wooden sandals were introduced in India and a few years later, rice straw sandals were introduced in Japan and China. During this time, populations in South America used to use sisal plant twine.

Today, sandals still remain to be one of the most popular types of footwear available. There are many different men’s and women’s sandals available on the market ranging from hiking sandals to polo sport sandals and flip flops among others. However, it is quite strange that even with so many fashions being introduced over the years; sandals weren’t really regarded as a fashion statement as such until twentieth century. The development is mostly credited to the Hollywood glamour, especially the ladies’ sandals.

Modern day sandals are not just a fashion statement in the society but are decided for many purposes, including casual wear and fashion. Over the years, as people become more interested with the need of staying in, the popularity of exercise sandals has considerably taken off. Dress sandals on the other hand are equally more popular and people wear them even with formal evening gowns. Sandals are built for many reasons, including hiking, walking, comfort, going to the beach. Some sandals even are very uncomfortable for one to walk in them, but they have a very appealing look. The beauty of sandals, just like everything else out there in the world of fashion is in the beholder’s eye.

Internet advancement has also boosted the popularity of sandals, largely due to the ease at which people can obtain them. Online shopping acts as the best platform where you can buy different kinds of sandals at great deals. Our online store stock a wide collection of sandals, you can shop for your favorite kind of sandal online and enjoy the comfort and simplicity that comes with this footwear.


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