Corporate legal gal turn business entrepreneur, Lisa Raden shares with us how she started her shoe brand Aussilia. She shares with us how she started her brand online and expanded Aussilia with the recent opening of her first retail outlet in Empire Damansara Perdana.

How did you start the Aussilia brand?

I want to make comfortable shoes for people to wear, so i decided to start Aussilia as an online store. It has been a year since the launch of my online store and this year, my second year i decided to open a retail store. This decision was made because, with shoe customers want to see it, feel it, walk in it and also it helps to ensure that customers get the correct shoe size.

Are you involved in designing the shoes?

Yes, of course i am. I am not a shoe designer, but i work with a team of designers and internationally source for materials. I am involved in the whole design process of the shoes, and all material used is calf leather. We come up with new designs for both men and women once every quarter.

How do you keep Aussilia shoes fashionable and comfortable?

The most basic and popular design is the gladiator shoes. The gladiator shoes are popularised by celebrities and fashion trends. Most high-end brands designing gladiator shoes will be paired with stilletto heels. Aussilia designs gladiator shoes but instead of using stlleto heels, we design the sole flat with a slight heel.

What makes Aussilia shoes comfortable, what's the secret?

The secret is in the sole of the shoe and the quality of leather is very important. When you use smooth leather, it feels soft to the skin and doesn't cause blisters.

Text by: Lira Jamaluddin / Photo: Hairul Izwan

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