1. Complete Guide to Proper Shoe Care



With proper maintenance, a good pair of shoes can last for years. One of the benefits to buying better quality is that your shoes will actually look better with age and use. Your shoes will grow old with you so long as the leather has been nourished, periodically polished, and kept in shape with shoe trees.


Shoes with the “goodyear” welt, would be able to replace soles when they eventually wear through as well as the heels. This will save you money over time.


So how to keep your shoes in tip-top condition? That depends on the leather. Calf skin – beloved for its pliability and fine grain. This durable leather is an excellent material for shoe-making. Calf will develop a patina over time (which can’t be said for cheap corrected grain leathers), but how that develops has a lot to do with the care it’s given.


Step 1

Insert shoe trees and remove the laces. Gently wipe the shoes with a damp cloth and allow shoes to dry. Buff with a horsehair brush to clean away any lingering dirt or dust.


Step 2 (Optional)

For shoe creases, best to remove any built-up of shoe cream prior to a shoe shine. Use a cotton swab to delicately get in there and wipe the old polish away.


Step 3

Leather Conditioning. Leather is skin and, like yours, it needs to be taken care of to look its best. To soften the leather and start building a base for that shine, you’ll need a conditioning product. With just a dab or two, work the conditioner into the leather evenly over the entire shoe. Allow to set and dry for approximately 20 minutes.


Step 4

Buff the shoes again with your horsehair brush. This is done to move the conditioner around and distribute the product evenly. Reach for your shoe cream and dauber brush next – it’s time to color your shoes. Use the dauber to spread a dime-sized amount of cream over each shoe. Once done, let the shoes rest for another 20 minutes.